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Ethnological gallery

Ethnological Gallery !

In  this gallery the models representing the physical features, residential quarters, hunting and agricultural practices, consumes, musical instruments, weapons and several other objects and artifacts of day-to-day life of tribes of Jharkhand are displayed.

Asur :
The Asurs form a very important and ancient tribe of Jharkhand, Known as smelting and producing iron objects. They are found especially in such districts as Ranchi, Lohardaga, Latehar and Plaamu. They have their Panchyats at community level. Their main festival includes Sarhul, Phagua, Navakhans, Kachdel ect. They also engage themselves in agricultural practices for their livelihood.

Munda :
The Mundas form yet another important tribe of Jharkhand. They basically practice agriculture and occasionally involve in hunting for their livelihood. The Mundas speak well known Mundri dialet of the Astro Asiatic family.  They believe in God who is called Singbonga. The major festivals that they celebrate are Karma, Sarhul, Soharai, Moga, Phagua etc.

Birhor :
The Birhors are one of the most important tribal communities of the state, which unfortunately now is on the verge of extinvtion. This tribe is found confined to Hazaribagh, Chatra, Koderma, Ranchi, Singhbum, GIridih and Dhanbad districts. They are accomplished hunters. In order to support their subsistence, they also produce ropes.  Etymologically, it may be suggested that the Birhors is a very ancient tribe. ‘Bir’ meams forest and ‘hor’ means man. They are truly ‘men of jungles’. They speaks as Astro-Asiatic dialect and consider themselves as the decendents of sun on the earth, The major festivals that they are fond of celebrating include Karma, Sarhul, Diwali, Makarsandranti and Holi.