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Sculptural Gallery

Sculptural Gallery !

This gallery displays the sculptural pieces and architectural fragments belonging predominantly to the early medieval period (7-8th to 13-14th AD) of Jharkhand. However, a few of these have been brought from outside the state and belonging to the modern period. The gallery largely demonstrates the creative expression and architecture in historical perspective.

The scriptural pieces related to all the three dominant religious strands – Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism- are displayed in the gallery. Of the Hindu image, those belonging to Surya and Vishnu are of special iconographic interest. While the uniqueness of a couple of Surya images lies in their depiction along with other eight planets of the ‘Navgraha’ concept, the independent icon of the Kurmavatara (the tortoise incarnation). Of the shaiva images, one bifacial sculpture depicting Uma-Maheshwara (Shiva with his consort Parvati) on the one side and Kuber (the god of wealth) on the other, is outstanding. Of the Shakta icons, one damaged but still fabulous image of the Mahishasuramardani is very special. The images of Shantinatha and Rishabhnatha are important Jain images. But of much greater charm are the jain images depictiong the Yaksha – Yakshani couple. Of the Buddhist images, the standing Buddha and seated Tara and Avalokiteshvara are important ones.

In addition to the sculptures, the gallery also contains several architectural members, such as pillar fragments, the decorative panels, door jambs etc. bearing fine carving and iconographic depictions. The oft-occurred iconographic subjects include the Dhyani Buddha, Sahasra, Buddha, Dashavatara, Navgrahas and Saptamatrikas. One door jamb depicts several erotic scenes.